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Miquel Pijoan López, the founder of the first numerator factory in Spain back in 1929, and the father of Miquel Pijoan i Jové, our company's manager.

Whit over 90 years experiencie in the Graphics-Arts sector, we are carrying on in the service of our clients, advising them and providing the most appropiate solutions in each case.

Numbering, document coding, special optical control equipment, electronic equipment, ink-jet tecnology and so on are all part of our core work, and in that work we are backed by the alliance and support of the world's best companies in this field.

We have been running our department for consumables, machine accesories and ancillary machinery for Graphics Arts purposes for twenty-four years now, there by meeting the requeriments of our clientsmore fully.

Integrity, Quality and Service are watchwords, and the confidence placed in us by our clients around the world encourages us to continue down this path.