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Wash Up Blade

INKSINK™ Blades have a strip grove along the tip into which the liner "easily zips", ensuring a liquid tight seal.


The INKSINK™ Blades are available in EPDM and Polyurethane (PU) with more exciting tip choices coming soon offering better performance and longevity.



Aluminium Support

The INKSINK™ Aluminium support is designed to facilitate the removal of a used liner ensuring that it is removed safely and cleanly from the wash-up tray prior to disposal. The supports are made from lightweight aluminium and are designed to be a snug fit into the existing wash-up tray maximising on the internal capacity of the tray.



Disposable Liners

INKSINK™ Liners are a multi layer composite specially designed & manufactured to eliminate leakage, capillary action and prevent solvent migration. Along one edge of the liner is a bead which "zips" into the blade.


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