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Security and Protection of Buyers

The purpose of this declaration on security and protection of buyers is to inform you of the measures implemented to guarantee the security of the payment data of any person who proceeds to pay any amount through this website.

Commitment. MIQUEL PIJOAN, S.L. is committed to guarantee the security of your personal data as a user of the payment platform implemented in this website.

Measures implemented. When online payment is made for any of the different services products, personal and banking data are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol that guarantees the confidentiality of your data. The SSL certificate allows you to encrypt the most sensitive data that is sent, such as information about credit cards, names and addresses.

The data is sent under HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) that allows transactions to be carried out safely, since the web page encodes the session with a digital certificate. In the most common browsers the use of this protocol is identified through the icon of a padlock that can be seen in the browser's address bar. In addition, it is possible to see that the prefix "http: //" is replaced by "https: //".

Payment by card is made through the payment system by RedSys card. RedSys, to date, is the method most used by most banks in Spain and uses a SHA-256 type hash that allows communication to be more robust and secure in both the communication between the web and the bank , as well as in the opposite direction, when the bank responds with the result of the payment.